Go green during your next visit to Rome!

September 12th, 2012 posted by admin

Are you always trying to help the environment? Are you interested on the ecology?

There is an easy way to do it during your next visit to Rome. While you are visiting the main attractions, you can fill your bottle of water for free, at one of the many fountains distributed throughout the city. The water is absolutely fresh and is coming from the mountains outside of Rome. You may buy a normal  plastic bottle, which after a day may end up crashed at the bottom of your backpack.

Therefore if you want an original and durable bottle,  buy the Eco-water, it costs only €2 and it could be a special souvenir because it has printings of the Colosseum, the roman aqueduct, and the unmistakables “Nasoni” the drinking water fountains. You can get it at any Tourist Information Point or in the museum shops.

I personally recommend to drink this water, is one of the most important romans prides, they even protested last year when the government tried to charge for the water. Luckily they had positives results and nowadays this service continues to be available to everyone. Enjoy it and salute!

Paulina Ceballos