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Cats of Rome

When someone speaks of Rome, usually thinks about the main attractions of the Eternal City, of several monuments reminding centuries of history, of all museums that satisfied the curiosity of tourists from a lot parts of the world, telling also stories of famous people and not only …

However, not all of them, find that in every corner of the city, there are hundreds or perhaps thousands of lucky witnesses, the most common of everyday life: the cats of Rome!
Beautiful cats of every breed and size, multicolored or with a single color, of a neighborhood or of a private person.
Small and sweet animals, camouflaged among the cars in the parking areas, between the loops of all places, on benches in parks or in the middle of traffic, and which often give color and grace of the infinite beauty of the capital.

Gatto al Colosseo
They are so involved in the capital life, that now in all stores where tourists usually go, it is impossible that miss the classic card with a cat at the foot of a historical statue or, tired in the warmer months, it quenches the Trevi Fountain or Fontana Barcaccia (wonderful work of Bernini) located at Piazza di Spagna.

Famosa Cartolina
The protagonist of the Roman landscape, the feline population is increasing, so that we reach even more than 300 colonies with different locations.

There are also the so-called “gattare”, the old women that deal with these animals, cuddle them and spend a lot of time as well as give them something to eat and often take care of their health and cleanliness.
However has to be noted that not always they are old people. Lately I have more and more frequently to seen children and families who care even though it is often difficult to take pets inside their homes.

Often there are even entire blocks that “adopt” as a mascot these beautiful animals.

Gatto di Roma

We hope this habit takes more and more foot in the city life, do not have pets at home to care for and love them equally.

Via dei Condotti

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Via dei Condotti

Considered in the sixties the meeting point for the most popular of the Dolce Vita, now the famous Via dei Condotti was described by Vogue magazine the 5th Street most prestigious into the world of the luxury shopping.
For the lovers of fashion and beauty the greatest signatures, leather goods and jewelry must have a boutique in this wonderful street, a showcase that can enhance the prestige and status. On a long avenue of luxury, offering sumptuous extreme every kind of product dedicated to a target of Elite: here you can also find shoes from 2000 EURO each.
Special and unique in these stores you can also find items whose manufacture is reserved for the chosen few as made in limited numbers.
Those few meters, which make up this avenue are outlined on the one hand from the splendid Piazza di Spagna, which highlights the beauty and amplifies the surreal atmosphere and on the headquarters of Fendi sisters.
You can found greats brands like Louis Vuitton, Luisa Spagnoli, Hermes, Bulgari, Damiani, Prada, Christian Dior and many many more.

Negozio a Via dei Condotti

In the period of balances these stores are forced to set up barriers and security people to adjust the flow of potential buyers or just curious people who go to these structures in order to gain a designer piece at a price of occasion. Without doubt in this place appear to prevail upon an extreme look that only the branded product has to offer, and as in every age a chance to show can be an added value to ego.

Via dei Condotti
The spectacular productions produced by these shops to decorate their windows, may be think to be in an other world. For lovers of luxury, beauty, the splendor is impossible not to walk in Via dei Condotti, once arrived in Rome. Among the many shops, located one after the other, you can also find the famous Greek Cafe become known over the years and considered one of the most refreshment “inn” of the Capital. In addition to historical, coffee is famous for its many famous visitors had over the years has been for a long time, and partly still is, a meeting place for intellectuals. It meets once a month, the group of Roman scholars and academic experts in particular of the city of Rome.

Romantic Rome

As is well known to generations of couples, romantics and travelers from every country, from the long avenue of trees Janiculum you can admire one of the most evocative view of the universe. The walk moves to the south, among the marble busts depicting illustrious garibaldini that helped the unification of Italy. To the west, however, you can admire the wide and scenic “Fontanone,” erected by Giovanni Fontana and Carlo Maderno for Pope Paul V. Nearby, stands the famous church of San Pietro in Montorio, known for the temple of the Renaissance Bramante enclosed in the yard and become historical goal of several couples who formalized their union religiously.

The view from the wonderful Gianicolo Hill is perhaps the best in Rome: in a single glance you can recognize all the major historical sites in the capital and the major basilicas. In the background the imposing Colli Albani, once a sacred and religious center for the first Romans, dominate the scene. According to one of the legends of ancient Roman mythology, the hill of Gianicolo have hosted the city founded by the God Janus, that he had several children one of whom Tiberino, from which derives the name of the Tiber (Tiber in Latin). The site acquired, over time, the vocation to inspire heroic acts by Muzio Scavola Garibaldi that in legend or in fact, have shaped the history of Rome. The Gianicolo, was also a theater where the battles took place for the Unity of Italy: in 1849 there Garibaldi defended valiantly the Roman Republic from French troops. At the top of the hill below the statue of Garibaldi is, from 24 January 1904, a gun that shoots, at noon.

The shot when the city is less noisy you can hear up until the Esquilino. This practice was established in 1847 by Pius IX, to give a standard to the bells of the churches of Rome, so that not to play at noon each of its sexton, but all together at the same time. Who went to Rome can not miss the opportunity to visit the hill of Gianicolo.

Some curious place names in Rome

That Rome has a wealth of history is more than obvious, not only because it is a city with three thousand years on his shoulders! But perhaps what escapes to tourists who visit it every day is “another story” of the capital, the humble, one that only an observant eye can see, one made of taverns, markets, traditions, in other words one contained in toponymy capitolina. Our trip to find a place names curiosity starts from a square in the heart of the city that houses a typical small market. Piazza delle Coppelle: a handkerchief of space occupied by a few crowded benches, skins under the feet, strong odors. The name of the square stems by the profession mainly exercised in the area: here were established the “cuppellari” manufacturers of “cuppelle” small barrels which were used for the transportation of wine.Via delle Coppelle
So, Rome grateful to the category named a church, Santa Maria in the Chapel, where “Chapel” recalls the ancient name of “cuppella”.Under another sign and very curious, the origin of the name of the street dell’Arco Ciambella. It seems that stems from a discovery made in the sixteenth century, which then became a sensation during the excavations of the Baths of Agrippa to the Pantheon, wanted by the Cardinal della Valle, was found a golden imperial crown surrounding the archway. The crown appeared similar to some donuts eaten in Rome. The landlord of an inn nearby, rode the wave of enthusiasm for the discovery and named the local “all’Arco della Ciambella.” Nowadays, the name is the only survivor: the house has disappeared and the remains of the baths were demolished.

Via dell’Arco della Ciambella   

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