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Vegetarian Italian Dishes

posted by admin in Food, Restaurants

If you are a vegetarian and you are coming to Rome, you definitely need to know what dishes not to miss. You’ll be glad to find out that italian food is not only consisting on salame, prosciutto and mortadella. There are many meat-free dishes that are heavenly delicious and which can be found in almost every menu. Write down this list of typical roman vegetarian dishes so you can make sure to try them:

  1. Gnocchi alla romana: These are a variant of the typical potato gnocchi. They are made with semolina and cooked with a butter sauce and of course, parmesan cheese.
  2. Penne all’arrabbiata: the tomato sauce of this pasta has a special trick: hot chilli and parsley.
  3. Fried artichokes: a classic Jew recipe, that is offered not only in kosher restaurants.
  4. Risotto ai funghi porcini: These mushrooms were named “porcini” (piggy) by the ancient Romans, because they can get really big. If you are a rice lover, this creamy risotto will make your day!
  5. Pizza Ortolana: is garnished with roasted vegetables like: eggplant, zucchini, bell peppers and tomatoes.
  6. Insalata Caprese: a classic salad which includes: mozzarella, tomatoes, olive oil and basil leaves. The freshness of this choice is pleasing to the palate.
  7. Pasta Cacio e pepe: Simple but tasty pasta cooked with Cacio cheese and black pepper.
  8. Bruschetta: Typical italian appetizer, the most common version of this toast is with tomato, garlic, olive oil and basil, but you can find other variants like with olive paste.
  9. Pasta e ceci: A winter dish consisting on a soup with short pasta and chickpeas.
  10. Pumpkin flowers: Dipped in a batter and fried, they are stuffed with mozarella cheese and sometimes with anchovies.

Apart from these proposals you may find many vegetarian dishes or starters for every type of budget: restaurants, pizzerias by the slice and small bars offering  affordable fixed menus.

Buon appetito!

Paulina Ceballos

Trastevere Charm behind the river Tìber


Charm behind the river Tìber

This is one of the most famous and old quartiers in Rome, its name comes from the latin trans Tiberis, which means “Behind the Tíber”. It is always full of tourists and locals for many reasons;coblestones roads (girls wearing high heels may show their best skills walking here) ancient buildings, street artists, alleys, piazzas, fountains, restaurants, pubs, cafés and more.

The arquitecture is charming: medieval houses with the original facade, in light and neutral colors, some of which have climbing plants on the walls, trees and flowers; in many corners there are still images of the Madonna or the Virgen Mary, that have been there since the time when Rome was owned by the Vatican;it is a trafic limited zone during the the night, so if you’re coming with a car,you better inform yourself about the forbidden hours because if you break the rule, no matter from where you’re coming from, you’ll receive a fine afterwards!.

The neighborhood has many museums, from which the Museo di Roma in Trastevere stands out, there you can see “Landscapes recalled: watercolours of Rome between 1876 and 1895 by Ettore Roesler Franz” . The districts, narrow streets and houses of times past shown in the watercolours provide a record and a reminder of how Rome looked up until the end of the 19th century. His work reflects the provincial city Rome once was, evidently behind the other european capitals, nevertheless after Italy became one country, great advances were made which the artist decided to disregard maby out of melancholy. The museum has another exhibitions, so it’s worth it.

One of the most popular restaurants is “La Parolaccia” which means “The dirty or the four-letter word”, this place is a typical trattoria where the funny thing is that you’ll be insulted by the waiters, some of the comments are really offensive, therefore sensitive or thincklish personalities will do better not going. The clients already know what to expect, actually they wait with pleasure the first “slap”, if you dare to confront them you may have some digestion problems, because the waiters wont leave you in peace for the whole night! According to the reviews online, fun is guaranteed though.

For a sweet treat, go to the ice cream chain “Ciuri-Ciuri” at Piazza San Cosimato, where you can taste a traditional sicilian dessert, best flavors to try are nociola (hazelnut) and almonds. Not very far from there over the Piazza San Calisto you’ll find a Bar (same name as the piazza) chocolate ice cream here is absolutely superior, the place is open up until one or two in the morning, depending on the day, beers cost not much (around €3) they also have these vodka sorbets, that are just perfect for the summer heat. Other choices are Fior de Luna and Da Checco, but don’t worry, the gelato is never running short!

If you’re on a low budget and you still want a nice evening, you could make an aperitivo for just €7 at Freni e Frizioni, served from 7 to 10 pm, it includes a drink and all you can eat buffet, which is pretty assorted with salads, pasta, rice, many dressings like hummus, bread and fruits, the staff is always checking that there is no empty plates; the bar is at Via Politeama 4, near Piazza Trilussa. If your budget is really limited you can go to that piazza and bring your own beer or wine, the place is always crowded and a meeting point to start a walk in Trastevere, just be careful not to drink outside after 11 pm because is not allowed, at least up until march 17 you can’t buy a drink to take away.
Another cheap solution is the trattoria and pizza place Carlo Menta, at Via della Lungaretta, be sure of arriving early because people do know about its low prices, a simple Marguerita pizza costs €4, while a pasta dish goes from €5 depending on the ingredients, anyway this is a well known restaurant with a good price/quality food.

At the street Vicolo del 5 there is a special Café called Rivendita Libri Cioccolata e Vino, we suggest to pay a quick visit and drink one of the very original shots, not only the mix is a house creation but they flaunt erotic names that prone to fantasizing like: “Quickie” “Orgasm” or “Lovebite”,the shot will be served in a little chocolate shot . It’s an tradition to put it the whole shot in your mouth, so you can enjoy the liquor and chocolate at the same time.

What else is waiting for you in Trastevere? Clothes shops, vendors street, comediants, magicians, like the AKA “The magician Guarda”, guarda in italiano means ” to look” he does his show with simple magic tricks, he’s pretty obvious but funny too, if he has a big audience who participate, they will usually get excited by asking him not to stuck a sword in his throat.
To reach Trastevere you could catch one of the many buses like the H or tram 8, you could even walk from the center, is not far.

Paulina Ceballos

Friday 17 – Standing for Abruzzo

Friday 17, not always bad!The April 17th has been the day os solidarity for the earthquake’s victims of Abruzzo, with the voices of singers from “Sanremo Giovani”, who went on stage goes all’Alpheus in Rome, in Via del Commercio is planning the “Standing for Abruzzo, with the heart and the music.”Epicentro terremoto - L’Aquila The event, sponsored by the MUnicipality of Rome, is organized by VERTICAL Onlus (Italian Foundation for the cure of paralysis), FIDIA Onlus (Italian Federation of Disability) in collaboration with FIABA Onlus (Italian Fund Elimination of Architectural Barriers) and ANTHAI Onlus (Association Protecting and Italian Handicap Invalids).Over the intent of the organizers, an opportunity to offer full support and assist the people affected by the earthquake in the night between 5 and April 6.
Invito AlpheusThrough a contribution of 12 euro has been assured, in addition to participation in the concert music, including the ability to receive a free double DVD Speaking of the Bible, Old and New Testaments.
To enliven the evening, by Angelo Martini, were the youngs of Sanremo Giovani: Mauro Di Maggio, Francesco Arpino, Chiazzetta, Dr. Fra, Marco Candigliota, Mary Patrick, Luke Bussoleti, G & G, Michele Amadori, Virginia Splendore.Locale AlpheusThe world of music always comes down to testify in his own closeness to those who no longer has a house, who has lost everything he had, who saw their lives shattered in an instant.

International Tennis’ championship of Italy

For lovers of Tennis, in these days the International Tennis 2009 will be presented at Stadio Olimpico of Rome.
Like every year, the competition, scheduled from April 25 to May , will have around 60 among the best players in the world.

Rafael Nadal

The 79th edition of the “Internazionali BNL di Tennis d’Italia” will share all the major stars of world ranking.
This year the premium for the winner is: 2,750,000 euros, for the men and 2,000,000 U.S. dollars for women.
At the championship, so with a total prize fund of over 4 million of Euros , organizers have to overcome the public record established last year: 162 thousand paying spectators.
For the occasion, the capacity of the central field was increased to 9500 seats.

The test male will start April 25th, the female one, on May 3rd.
The two main innovations in the bill are Big Sunday of May 3rd (when both the male and female round) and the anticipation of the women’s final on Saturday May 9th.
The decisive stages of both tournaments will again be broadcast live by Italia 1 channel, which for five years, has been the broadcaster of “Internazionali BNL d’Italia”.
SKY Sport will send all sessions of the game of the championship.

Pallina Tennis The International is also a way to spend a pleasant evening in an open space, in fact the area has a restaurant / bar just near the tennis courts, whose view is definitely breathtaking: at a glance you can see the cupolas of the most beautiful basilicas in Rome, the roofs of the houses and the cathedral in its many architectural styles.
During this event, it becomes an enchanting place for meeting for each age group.
Flavia PennettaIn conclusion, for those who believe that Italians are dedicated exclusively to the game of football, will be glad to know that are 5 Italians among these tennis players.Well … not only a nation of writers, surfers, poets, but also sports lovers.

Museums in Rome

  Rome has been preparing for so long for “The Saturday of the museum” a series of thumbnails that every Saturday, from April 4 until May 2, include the opening of some museums together with exhibitions of theater, music, and gastronomy.
Rome offers to its visitors new ideas to live the city during the day and night.
The initiative represents a clear choice of the Municipality of Rome to exploit the museums of the city, including venues and aggregation for the Romans, who in normal times can not enjoy the wonders of their beautiful Eternal City.
For this occasion, the Museum of the Capital will launch a series of animated opening night by large cultural events, thus proposing the museum not only as an exhibition space but also as a place for evening entertainment.
The 13th Of April, the day of “Pasquetta” has been full of theater: the 21 and 22.30, at the Museo Nazionale Romano di Palazzo Altemps, on stage “Il mondo della luna”, journey through the drama giocoso di Carlo Goldoni, music by Franz Joseph Haydn, constructed by mixing Ludovico Ariosto to Italo Calvino.

Palazzo Attemps

At Musei Capitonili , however, at 21 Gabriele Lavia suggested readings on “philosopher Marcus: between reason and reasons of state.”
The Gambero Rosso will delight the palates of the Roman Saturday 18 (19.30 and 21) to the Central Montamartini, with Italian wines, in a frame of industrial archeology.
The music player will be April 25: at the Museo di Roma in Palazzo Braschi will perform the string trio Ludwig, music by Beethoven and a transcript of the “Hungarian Dance” by Brahms.
At Museo Nazionale Romano (at Terme di Diocleziano) , however, the quintet of Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia will propose a repertoire of waltzes, marches and polkas of the Strauss family, but also jazz songs (21.15 and 22.30).Palazzo BraschiThe event will end with a concert on May 2 to the Markets of Trajan, where the pianist Danilo Rea will perform in “Piano Solo”, while at the Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna, the Trio will perform John Amato.
Admission to all performances is 5 euro, until the places available.
Rome has recently developed several cultural activities to promote and enhance its wonders.

Now, there wion’t be more excuses for discovering Rome. People: let’s go!


Typical restaurant in Trastevere: Meo patacca

Meo Patacca a Piazza De’ Mercanti

Trastevere, one of the most famous areas of Rome full of life with people from the center and the suburbs, Italians and foreigners. All with the desire of pleasant moments among the various places of the capital nights.Here, among the alleys, still lives the traditional spirit of Rome and one of the places that keep it is the restaurant “De Meo Patacca”, built in 1959 and located precisely in Piazza de’ Mercanti, in heart of this historic neighborhood. Strangely the founder of this wonderful restaurant is not a Roman, but an American, that by marrying an Italian girl decides to open the restaurant with the help of “trastevererini” friends.Just with the name can grasp a lot: Patacca Meo is the protagonist of a work by the end of 1600, which, together with Rugantino represents arrogant and brave types, witty and generous, that belong the popular district of the capital.Meo PataccaHis figure, as well as in several comedies that have spread over time, is keep alive by the famous restaurant.
Some years ago I have been there by pure chance, and has since remained as one of the most special places I has been.
It is a sort of jump through the time as it returns to particular passed moments of Rome.
The atmosphere of this place is wonderful: there are the not modern lights, but gas lights or candles, inside as well as outside, in the square where the tables are arranged.
The decoration is very special, all ancient but well cared for.
The cuisine is exceptional, thanks to the respect of the Roman tradition that has, among the various dishes, a wide variety of appetizers, a magnificent wine of Roman castles, and excellent homemade bread and pasta.
The waiters wear typical costumes while working, use a “romanesque”language and between a meal and the other run of comedies really funny, performances that give moments of joy and culture to the guests of the place.
Great melodies of the musicians of Trastevere, the troubadours of the classics in their songs that reflect the authenticity of the Roman neighborhoods.

Meo Patacca a Piazza De’ Mercanti

Absolutely recommended for those who, like me, would pass a cheerful and unique dinner in Rome, passed but never forgotten.

Pizza e pizzerie di Roma… La romana classica.The best Pizzerias. Traditional Roman style.

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Rome is one of the capitals of pizza, and there is a Roman style!
True ‘Roman’ is thin or very thin  without borders and well cooked…. Very different from that proposed by the Neapolitan tradition and with soft edges well in relief.
Only in Rome you can taste the real Roman pizza always cooked in a wood oven!

Roman Pizza Classic
The real best addresses in town:

Montecarlo – Vicolo Savelli 13 (Navona) Via Alessandria, 106 (Porta Pia)
One of the best pizza in Rome…. Wooden tables side by side….  You can try the good traditional roman pastas  (Cacio e Pepe, Matriciana, Gricia…) and fried plates (Supplì, fiori di zucca…). Also open for lunch.

Ai Marmi  (alias Panattoni… the alias obitorio) – Viale Trastevere 53 (Trastevere)
If at Montecarlo there isn’t  privacy, at Marmi people eats one above the other! If  you what  a romantic dinner is not the place for you.
If you want the best pizza in Rome come here… marble tables that have at least 50 years ( ‘For the Marbles’… is known by the name of obitory precisely!), No tablecloth, waiters quickly, glasses of the century (and sees)…. Very good food, reasonable prices. There is always a line, but usually it is very fast.

Giacomelli – Via E. Faà Bruno 25 (Mazzini Meadows)
A well-known historical pizzeria. All of excellent quality and ability to choose the extent of pizza between small, medium and large…. Also excellent pastas. If you are close to Mazzini area it is  probably your best choice.

Baffetto – Via del Governo Vecchio 114 (Navona)
Excellent pizzera very popular among tourists who prefer to Montecarlo. The two pizzerias  are very similar to each other and perhaps there is a relationship between the owners… both excellent.

Nuovo Mondo – Via Amerigo Vespucci 15 (Testaccio)
Of all perhaps is the least famous pizzeria… a unique… similar to Marmi but possibly even more ugly! They eat less than 15 euros, forget the tablecloth… the classic place where once the account were writing on the table.

Remo – Piazza Santa Maria Liberatrice 44 (Testaccio)
Other address in Testaccio  loved by tourists. More or less a brother of Montecarlo and Nuovo mondo … an excellent pizza at reasonable prices.

Berninetta-Via P. Cavallini 14 (Piazza Cavour)
A good address if you are close to  Piazza Cavour, for an audience that wants a formal service.

Giggetto – Il Re della Pizza – Via Alessandria 43 (Porta Pia)
One of the most famous pizza in Rome. A classic good service.
The pizza is very good, without being better than Montecarlo (just 200 mt in Via Alessandria), prices are a little bit expansive and the environment is decidedly more formal. The most crowded pizzeria in the area.

L’Isola della Pizza- Via degli Scipioni 45 (St. Peter)
It is not known as the best pizza in Rome… because it is not! But  our  list haven’t an address close to Vatican.
L’Isola is a very good and  fun pizzeria! When you arrive you will receive a lot of  starters of all types… Pizza? It also is very good!

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