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Free things to see in the center of Rome: itinerary to follow

      This itinerary that we propose takes around 2 or 3 hours,  depending on how fast you want to walk; it covers many of the Must to see points of the Eternal City:

  •       A) Church of  Santa Marìa della Concezione: The walls and roofs are  “decorated” with the Cappuccini Friar’s bones.  Offer: €1. Where:Red Metro A: Barberini, take the Via Veneto exit and find the number 27.
  •  B) Spanish Steps: It was called after the king Ferdinand the Catholic, who gave the construcciòn of these steps as a present.
  •  C) Piazza Navona: one of the most famous piazzas of Rome  and the whole world, due to the beauty of the sculptures, fountains and churches in it.
  • D) Pantheon: Circular temple built in the beginning of the Roman era, dedicated to all the gods, it is also known as La Rotonda, because is placed in this piazza. This is the onlypagan temple of the antique Rome that has survived intact.
  • E) Trevi Fountain: Don’t forget to throw a coin above your shoulder if you want to come back to Rome. Another legend assures that if you throw 2 you’ll have a new romance, with 3 you’ll get married.
  • F) The Vittoriano in Piazza Venezia: the monumento to Vittorio Emmanuele II, has also received funny nicknames  as the “typewriting machine” or “the wedding cake”
  • G) Campidoglio: When a tourist see a photo of this piazza, it is said that he or she will immediately identify it as roman. The Capitoline is also one of the 7 famous  hills of the city.
  • H)Roman Forum: If your budget doesn’t allow you to buy the ticket you can walk along  Via dei Fiori Imperiali, you can admire it anyway. If you are in the Campidoglio, walk behind it and you’ll get to the beggining of the street. You will have the Colosseum in front of your eyes so don’t miss your camera.
  • I)Constantine’s Arch: One of the most old arches of the Roman Empire.
  • J)San Clemente Church: It has 3 levels, the lowest has a pagan altar, the second has a cristian basilica and in the superior level you can admire the middle age frescos.

Certainly there are other things that can be admire for free, among them: Saint Peter’s dome, the Bocca della Verità, the Storical Museum of the Roman Liberation, apart from the rest of the piazzas and public parks as theVilla Borghese.

Don’t forget to check this map!

Paulina Ceballos

Visualizzazione ingrandita della mappa

Bernini’s Fountain of the rivers: Piazza Navona

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There is an urban legend which affirms that the position of Orinoco statue whit the arm lifted and the body moving backwards, is insinuating that the church was not built properly and it would have fallen. It’s said that there was a rivalry between Bernini and Borromini, who designed the church. Nevertheless, is not true, the church called Santa Agnese in Agone was completed after Bernini’s beautiful fountain.
Paulina Ceballos

Jewish Ghetto in Rome

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One of the most charming neighbourhoods in Rome is the Jewish Ghetto, which also happens to be the second oldest in the world, after the one in Venice. Actually the word ghetto derives from the venetian “gheto” which means: a place with a foundry.

The roman ghetto was established on 1555 and lasted for around 3 centuries. The Jews were restricted to live inside its walls, locked at night, walls built with money paid by themselves. Those were hard times for the Jewish community, because all their rights were also revoked, they suffered many prohibitions, poor hygienic conditions, humiliations, among other impositions.

 Don’t miss the plaque that remembers the massive roman Jew’s extradition, that took place on October 16th, 1943; when german soldiers captured around 1,000 persons (200 children included), who were afterwards sent to Auschwitz, from which only 17 persons survived.

If you are curious to see this area, is close to the river Tiber and Campo dei Fiori. Nowadays it                                              counts with many popular restaurants and the new Synagogue of Rome.  Don’t forget to try one of their specialities like the fried artichokes. We can surely recommend these Kosher restaurants:

Ba Ghetto: Via Del Portico D’ottavia 2, Closed Friday dinner and Saturday lunch, +39

Taverna del Ghetto: Via del Portico D’Ottavia, 8, +39 06 6880 9771. Closed Friday dinner.


Gelato: 5+1 famous Ice cream places in Rome

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FataMorgana: with traditional flavours but many creations such as: basil with honey and nuts or black rice with roses. Prices are ok and they are gluten free and no artificial colours.

Where: Via Bettolo 7, in Prati area. Near Ottaviano Metro

Ciuri Ciuri: This chain started with one shop, the gelato is good quality and they are generous when they serve it, but actually the best thing there is the typical sicilian sweets: cannolo, cassata, etc.
Where: Monti: Via Leonina, 18, Trastevere: San Cosimato, 49, Navona: Largo del Teatro Valle, 1, Colosseo: Via Labicana, 126

San Crispino: This gelateria has been recommended by many international newspapers like the New York Times, and gourmet guides like Michelin. The ice cream is tasty, but a bit costly and small, sometimes a bit sweet too. No artificial components.
Where: Trevi: Via della Panetteria 42, Pantheon: Piazza della Maddalena 3. Fiumicino Airport terminal A.

Fassi: One of the oldest gelaterias in Italy, near Termini,with special creations as the “San Pietrini” an ice cream cube covered with chocolate. The place is big with many tables to sit inside, the gelato is pretty good and creamy. Other products are: granite, semifreddo, cakes, etc.
Where: Via Principe Eugenio, 65, metro Vittorio Emanuele

Giolitti: This place started as a creamery back in 1890, and became renowned because of their ice creams after first world war. The fame has even brought the franchise to Copenhagen, Seoul and New York.
Where: metro barberini: via uffici del vicario 40,

Gracchi: A small place but well-known by locals. The ice creams are creamy, with real fruits and nuts. Don’t miss the ricotta and pear flavour or the apple with cinnamon one. No artificial components.
Where:Via dei Gracchi, 272, metro Lepanto.

Forget about diet and give yourself a treat!

You can save calories if you skip toppings and go for a ice base granita.


Roman summer: all the links with the info

Colosseum, Saint Peter’s dome, Pantheon, Spanish Steps, many piazzas; Rome is full of fantastic and historical places to visit during the day, for sure your “must to see things” is completely full, but don’t forget about the roman nights. The eternal city has a vivid life,  specially during summer with concerts, open cinema, bars along the river Tiber, markets, ecc.

Here is a list with the most important festivals where you can find details about it:

“July sounds good”:category: music
Until 31st July

“Rome encounters the world” Category: music
Until 28th July

San Lorenzo festival. Category: Music  ***Free concerts
Until August 10th

Rock in Roma Category: Music  
Until August 2nd

Opera in Rome. Category: Opera
Until August 8th

Roma Vintage. Category: Music, dance, sports, theather, restaurants, cinema.***Free entry
Until August 15th


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