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Are you coming to Rome on Valentine’s Day? Best Places to watch the sunset!!

view from gianicolo hill

view from gianicolo hill

Without doubt Rome is one of the most romantics cities in the world, full of : little streets, lovely cafés to sit and enjoy a cappuccino,
charming piazzas with street artists playing tarantella (a folk italian music) or even singing opera and  beautiful fountains in every corner.

If you are coming with that special someone, don’t forget to take a minute and watch the sunset in one of these places:

  • Gianicolo: if you are in Trastevere is really easy to get there: take Via Garibaldi, that street leads onto the place, on your way you’ll see a big fountain called Fontana dell’Acqua Paola, it’s really impressive and also offers a great view, nevertheless keep on going, because the Gianicolo offers a unique opportunity to get a panoramic view of Saint Peters dome on one side and on the other the center of Rome. Best things is that it’s free!
  • Castel Sant’ Angelo: try to visit it in the afternoon, in the winter you can catch the sunset at 17:30 more or less, from the top you can enjoy the view of the river Tiber and the storical center.
  • Giardino degli aranci (Orange Trees Garden): In the winter the trees are full of fruits therefore since you get in you’ll sense its perfume, the view is fascinating: the river Tiber, Trastevere, the domes in the center, the gianicolo hill, the Tiber Island. In the same street at the end, you’ll see a big gate, look closely through the little hole, you can see St. Peter’s Basilica. From the metro B Circo Massimo: Take Via del Circo Massimo, when you get to the Piazzale Ugo La Malfa turn left at Via di Valle Murcia, go straight, that street turns into Via di Santa Sabina, the garden is at the Park Savello at the end.
  • Pincio: From it’s terrace you’ll get the view of the storical center, the Castel Sant’Angelo and Saint Peter’s Dome. The easiest way to get there is by metro A Flaminio, got to the Piazza del Popolo, there is a ramp, go up, if had eaten a big pizza you might need a few minutes to catch your breath, but believe me, it’s worth it!! Anyway there is another option, go to the metro Spagna, take the Monti steps, pass the church at your right and continue until you get to Piazza Napoleone I, then you’re there!

BTW if you decided to visit the last suggestion and you still can’t get enough of romanticism, perhapes before that you could go to the
Lake’s Garden in Villa Borghese, you could rent a boat there and row in front of the Esculapio Temple, which is an imitation of a greek temple.

Rome is always enchanting, full of colours and terribly romantic, so for those who are single in this day: take precautions!!!. No matter where you go, you’ll surely find something that will take your breath away.  Don’t forget to take your time sit somewhere to just observe the people walking, the voices of the Italians (loud enough trust me) and a big gelato.

Paulina Ceballos


Romantic Rome

As is well known to generations of couples, romantics and travelers from every country, from the long avenue of trees Janiculum you can admire one of the most evocative view of the universe. The walk moves to the south, among the marble busts depicting illustrious garibaldini that helped the unification of Italy. To the west, however, you can admire the wide and scenic “Fontanone,” erected by Giovanni Fontana and Carlo Maderno for Pope Paul V. Nearby, stands the famous church of San Pietro in Montorio, known for the temple of the Renaissance Bramante enclosed in the yard and become historical goal of several couples who formalized their union religiously.

The view from the wonderful Gianicolo Hill is perhaps the best in Rome: in a single glance you can recognize all the major historical sites in the capital and the major basilicas. In the background the imposing Colli Albani, once a sacred and religious center for the first Romans, dominate the scene. According to one of the legends of ancient Roman mythology, the hill of Gianicolo have hosted the city founded by the God Janus, that he had several children one of whom Tiberino, from which derives the name of the Tiber (Tiber in Latin). The site acquired, over time, the vocation to inspire heroic acts by Muzio Scavola Garibaldi that in legend or in fact, have shaped the history of Rome. The Gianicolo, was also a theater where the battles took place for the Unity of Italy: in 1849 there Garibaldi defended valiantly the Roman Republic from French troops. At the top of the hill below the statue of Garibaldi is, from 24 January 1904, a gun that shoots, at noon.

The shot when the city is less noisy you can hear up until the Esquilino. This practice was established in 1847 by Pius IX, to give a standard to the bells of the churches of Rome, so that not to play at noon each of its sexton, but all together at the same time. Who went to Rome can not miss the opportunity to visit the hill of Gianicolo.

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