Pizza e pizzerie di Roma… La romana classica.The best Pizzerias. Traditional Roman style.

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Rome is one of the capitals of pizza, and there is a Roman style!
True ‘Roman’ is thin or very thin  without borders and well cooked…. Very different from that proposed by the Neapolitan tradition and with soft edges well in relief.
Only in Rome you can taste the real Roman pizza always cooked in a wood oven!

Roman Pizza Classic
The real best addresses in town:

Montecarlo – Vicolo Savelli 13 (Navona) Via Alessandria, 106 (Porta Pia)
One of the best pizza in Rome…. Wooden tables side by side….  You can try the good traditional roman pastas  (Cacio e Pepe, Matriciana, Gricia…) and fried plates (Supplì, fiori di zucca…). Also open for lunch.

Ai Marmi  (alias Panattoni… the alias obitorio) – Viale Trastevere 53 (Trastevere)
If at Montecarlo there isn’t  privacy, at Marmi people eats one above the other! If  you what  a romantic dinner is not the place for you.
If you want the best pizza in Rome come here… marble tables that have at least 50 years ( ‘For the Marbles’… is known by the name of obitory precisely!), No tablecloth, waiters quickly, glasses of the century (and sees)…. Very good food, reasonable prices. There is always a line, but usually it is very fast.

Giacomelli – Via E. Faà Bruno 25 (Mazzini Meadows)
A well-known historical pizzeria. All of excellent quality and ability to choose the extent of pizza between small, medium and large…. Also excellent pastas. If you are close to Mazzini area it is  probably your best choice.

Baffetto – Via del Governo Vecchio 114 (Navona)
Excellent pizzera very popular among tourists who prefer to Montecarlo. The two pizzerias  are very similar to each other and perhaps there is a relationship between the owners… both excellent.

Nuovo Mondo – Via Amerigo Vespucci 15 (Testaccio)
Of all perhaps is the least famous pizzeria… a unique… similar to Marmi but possibly even more ugly! They eat less than 15 euros, forget the tablecloth… the classic place where once the account were writing on the table.

Remo – Piazza Santa Maria Liberatrice 44 (Testaccio)
Other address in Testaccio  loved by tourists. More or less a brother of Montecarlo and Nuovo mondo … an excellent pizza at reasonable prices.

Berninetta-Via P. Cavallini 14 (Piazza Cavour)
A good address if you are close to  Piazza Cavour, for an audience that wants a formal service.

Giggetto – Il Re della Pizza – Via Alessandria 43 (Porta Pia)
One of the most famous pizza in Rome. A classic good service.
The pizza is very good, without being better than Montecarlo (just 200 mt in Via Alessandria), prices are a little bit expansive and the environment is decidedly more formal. The most crowded pizzeria in the area.

L’Isola della Pizza- Via degli Scipioni 45 (St. Peter)
It is not known as the best pizza in Rome… because it is not! But  our  list haven’t an address close to Vatican.
L’Isola is a very good and  fun pizzeria! When you arrive you will receive a lot of  starters of all types… Pizza? It also is very good!

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