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International Tennis’ championship of Italy

For lovers of Tennis, in these days the International Tennis 2009 will be presented at Stadio Olimpico of Rome.
Like every year, the competition, scheduled from April 25 to May , will have around 60 among the best players in the world.

Rafael Nadal

The 79th edition of the “Internazionali BNL di Tennis d’Italia” will share all the major stars of world ranking.
This year the premium for the winner is: 2,750,000 euros, for the men and 2,000,000 U.S. dollars for women.
At the championship, so with a total prize fund of over 4 million of Euros , organizers have to overcome the public record established last year: 162 thousand paying spectators.
For the occasion, the capacity of the central field was increased to 9500 seats.

The test male will start April 25th, the female one, on May 3rd.
The two main innovations in the bill are Big Sunday of May 3rd (when both the male and female round) and the anticipation of the women’s final on Saturday May 9th.
The decisive stages of both tournaments will again be broadcast live by Italia 1 channel, which for five years, has been the broadcaster of “Internazionali BNL d’Italia”.
SKY Sport will send all sessions of the game of the championship.

Pallina Tennis The International is also a way to spend a pleasant evening in an open space, in fact the area has a restaurant / bar just near the tennis courts, whose view is definitely breathtaking: at a glance you can see the cupolas of the most beautiful basilicas in Rome, the roofs of the houses and the cathedral in its many architectural styles.
During this event, it becomes an enchanting place for meeting for each age group.
Flavia PennettaIn conclusion, for those who believe that Italians are dedicated exclusively to the game of football, will be glad to know that are 5 Italians among these tennis players.Well … not only a nation of writers, surfers, poets, but also sports lovers.

Museums in Rome

  Rome has been preparing for so long for “The Saturday of the museum” a series of thumbnails that every Saturday, from April 4 until May 2, include the opening of some museums together with exhibitions of theater, music, and gastronomy.
Rome offers to its visitors new ideas to live the city during the day and night.
The initiative represents a clear choice of the Municipality of Rome to exploit the museums of the city, including venues and aggregation for the Romans, who in normal times can not enjoy the wonders of their beautiful Eternal City.
For this occasion, the Museum of the Capital will launch a series of animated opening night by large cultural events, thus proposing the museum not only as an exhibition space but also as a place for evening entertainment.
The 13th Of April, the day of “Pasquetta” has been full of theater: the 21 and 22.30, at the Museo Nazionale Romano di Palazzo Altemps, on stage “Il mondo della luna”, journey through the drama giocoso di Carlo Goldoni, music by Franz Joseph Haydn, constructed by mixing Ludovico Ariosto to Italo Calvino.

Palazzo Attemps

At Musei Capitonili , however, at 21 Gabriele Lavia suggested readings on “philosopher Marcus: between reason and reasons of state.”
The Gambero Rosso will delight the palates of the Roman Saturday 18 (19.30 and 21) to the Central Montamartini, with Italian wines, in a frame of industrial archeology.
The music player will be April 25: at the Museo di Roma in Palazzo Braschi will perform the string trio Ludwig, music by Beethoven and a transcript of the “Hungarian Dance” by Brahms.
At Museo Nazionale Romano (at Terme di Diocleziano) , however, the quintet of Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia will propose a repertoire of waltzes, marches and polkas of the Strauss family, but also jazz songs (21.15 and 22.30).Palazzo BraschiThe event will end with a concert on May 2 to the Markets of Trajan, where the pianist Danilo Rea will perform in “Piano Solo”, while at the Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna, the Trio will perform John Amato.
Admission to all performances is 5 euro, until the places available.
Rome has recently developed several cultural activities to promote and enhance its wonders.

Now, there wion’t be more excuses for discovering Rome. People: let’s go!


Cats of Rome

When someone speaks of Rome, usually thinks about the main attractions of the Eternal City, of several monuments reminding centuries of history, of all museums that satisfied the curiosity of tourists from a lot parts of the world, telling also stories of famous people and not only …

However, not all of them, find that in every corner of the city, there are hundreds or perhaps thousands of lucky witnesses, the most common of everyday life: the cats of Rome!
Beautiful cats of every breed and size, multicolored or with a single color, of a neighborhood or of a private person.
Small and sweet animals, camouflaged among the cars in the parking areas, between the loops of all places, on benches in parks or in the middle of traffic, and which often give color and grace of the infinite beauty of the capital.

Gatto al Colosseo
They are so involved in the capital life, that now in all stores where tourists usually go, it is impossible that miss the classic card with a cat at the foot of a historical statue or, tired in the warmer months, it quenches the Trevi Fountain or Fontana Barcaccia (wonderful work of Bernini) located at Piazza di Spagna.

Famosa Cartolina
The protagonist of the Roman landscape, the feline population is increasing, so that we reach even more than 300 colonies with different locations.

There are also the so-called “gattare”, the old women that deal with these animals, cuddle them and spend a lot of time as well as give them something to eat and often take care of their health and cleanliness.
However has to be noted that not always they are old people. Lately I have more and more frequently to seen children and families who care even though it is often difficult to take pets inside their homes.

Often there are even entire blocks that “adopt” as a mascot these beautiful animals.

Gatto di Roma

We hope this habit takes more and more foot in the city life, do not have pets at home to care for and love them equally.

Via dei Condotti

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Via dei Condotti

Considered in the sixties the meeting point for the most popular of the Dolce Vita, now the famous Via dei Condotti was described by Vogue magazine the 5th Street most prestigious into the world of the luxury shopping.
For the lovers of fashion and beauty the greatest signatures, leather goods and jewelry must have a boutique in this wonderful street, a showcase that can enhance the prestige and status. On a long avenue of luxury, offering sumptuous extreme every kind of product dedicated to a target of Elite: here you can also find shoes from 2000 EURO each.
Special and unique in these stores you can also find items whose manufacture is reserved for the chosen few as made in limited numbers.
Those few meters, which make up this avenue are outlined on the one hand from the splendid Piazza di Spagna, which highlights the beauty and amplifies the surreal atmosphere and on the headquarters of Fendi sisters.
You can found greats brands like Louis Vuitton, Luisa Spagnoli, Hermes, Bulgari, Damiani, Prada, Christian Dior and many many more.

Negozio a Via dei Condotti

In the period of balances these stores are forced to set up barriers and security people to adjust the flow of potential buyers or just curious people who go to these structures in order to gain a designer piece at a price of occasion. Without doubt in this place appear to prevail upon an extreme look that only the branded product has to offer, and as in every age a chance to show can be an added value to ego.

Via dei Condotti
The spectacular productions produced by these shops to decorate their windows, may be think to be in an other world. For lovers of luxury, beauty, the splendor is impossible not to walk in Via dei Condotti, once arrived in Rome. Among the many shops, located one after the other, you can also find the famous Greek Cafe become known over the years and considered one of the most refreshment “inn” of the Capital. In addition to historical, coffee is famous for its many famous visitors had over the years has been for a long time, and partly still is, a meeting place for intellectuals. It meets once a month, the group of Roman scholars and academic experts in particular of the city of Rome.

Some curious place names in Rome

That Rome has a wealth of history is more than obvious, not only because it is a city with three thousand years on his shoulders! But perhaps what escapes to tourists who visit it every day is “another story” of the capital, the humble, one that only an observant eye can see, one made of taverns, markets, traditions, in other words one contained in toponymy capitolina. Our trip to find a place names curiosity starts from a square in the heart of the city that houses a typical small market. Piazza delle Coppelle: a handkerchief of space occupied by a few crowded benches, skins under the feet, strong odors. The name of the square stems by the profession mainly exercised in the area: here were established the “cuppellari” manufacturers of “cuppelle” small barrels which were used for the transportation of wine.Via delle Coppelle
So, Rome grateful to the category named a church, Santa Maria in the Chapel, where “Chapel” recalls the ancient name of “cuppella”.Under another sign and very curious, the origin of the name of the street dell’Arco Ciambella. It seems that stems from a discovery made in the sixteenth century, which then became a sensation during the excavations of the Baths of Agrippa to the Pantheon, wanted by the Cardinal della Valle, was found a golden imperial crown surrounding the archway. The crown appeared similar to some donuts eaten in Rome. The landlord of an inn nearby, rode the wave of enthusiasm for the discovery and named the local “all’Arco della Ciambella.” Nowadays, the name is the only survivor: the house has disappeared and the remains of the baths were demolished.

Via dell’Arco della Ciambella   

Typical restaurant in Trastevere: Meo patacca

Meo Patacca a Piazza De’ Mercanti

Trastevere, one of the most famous areas of Rome full of life with people from the center and the suburbs, Italians and foreigners. All with the desire of pleasant moments among the various places of the capital nights.Here, among the alleys, still lives the traditional spirit of Rome and one of the places that keep it is the restaurant “De Meo Patacca”, built in 1959 and located precisely in Piazza de’ Mercanti, in heart of this historic neighborhood. Strangely the founder of this wonderful restaurant is not a Roman, but an American, that by marrying an Italian girl decides to open the restaurant with the help of “trastevererini” friends.Just with the name can grasp a lot: Patacca Meo is the protagonist of a work by the end of 1600, which, together with Rugantino represents arrogant and brave types, witty and generous, that belong the popular district of the capital.Meo PataccaHis figure, as well as in several comedies that have spread over time, is keep alive by the famous restaurant.
Some years ago I have been there by pure chance, and has since remained as one of the most special places I has been.
It is a sort of jump through the time as it returns to particular passed moments of Rome.
The atmosphere of this place is wonderful: there are the not modern lights, but gas lights or candles, inside as well as outside, in the square where the tables are arranged.
The decoration is very special, all ancient but well cared for.
The cuisine is exceptional, thanks to the respect of the Roman tradition that has, among the various dishes, a wide variety of appetizers, a magnificent wine of Roman castles, and excellent homemade bread and pasta.
The waiters wear typical costumes while working, use a “romanesque”language and between a meal and the other run of comedies really funny, performances that give moments of joy and culture to the guests of the place.
Great melodies of the musicians of Trastevere, the troubadours of the classics in their songs that reflect the authenticity of the Roman neighborhoods.

Meo Patacca a Piazza De’ Mercanti

Absolutely recommended for those who, like me, would pass a cheerful and unique dinner in Rome, passed but never forgotten.

The Villa D’Este in Tivoli

Not evryone knows that beyond the historical, cultural and artistic attractions offered by the Eternal City, there are also a lot of beautiful areas (within easy reach and in a short time!) that allow you to discover other views of the capital soul.
Among these, the charming town of Tivoli (about 500 years older than Rome), at around thirty kms from Rome. With its 60 thousand inhabitants, the historic streets and beautiful Villas, gives wonderful emotions and a charming view of the capital thanks to its location on Tiburtini Mountains, from where it is possible to see (if the weather allows) St. Pietro’s dome, and not only …
Particularly interesting is the visit of Villa D’Este, the famous Renaissance villa built since the 1550 by Pirro Ligorio (architec from Naples), commissioned by Cardinal Ippolito II D’Este.
In addition to the interior of the building (3 floors of rooms decorated with great care) the property offers 35 000 square meters of gardens, adorned by beautiful fountains and waterfalls, fed by the waters of the river Aniene, thanks to special hydraulic pipes.
Among the wonderful water features the most interesting coul be the “Fontana dell’Organo”. Here, the water falls, move the air within some reeds, while another device presses on the keys creating magnificient melodies.
Every 2-3 hours this charming structure is activated. I absolutely advise it!
Fontana dell’OrganoEqually fascinating is the lane of the 100 fountains, spread over 3 levels (representing the rivers Aniene, Albuneo and Ercolaneo) and various shapes, including those of the symbol of the Este family (lilies and eagles).Cento Fontane The list of wonders could go a long …
Living very close, I made several visits there with friends and family from far away and it is possible to discover every time new amazing thing.
During the summer I advise a visit during the night. The play of light and water gives a magical vein to these enchanting gardens …. besides being very cheap!
Fontana dell’Ovato di notte

How to get to Tivoli from Rome?
From Tiburtina Station (metro line B/blue) a train takes about 30/60 mins (depending on the train stops).
Otherwise, at Ponte Mammolo Station (metro line B/blue) a lot of buses go to Tivoli.
Recommend those that take the A24 freeway as you save the traffic on Via Tiburtina!
Once arrived in Tivoli, there are wherever directions to the Villa. If you do not see them, just ask!


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Bike sharing. Rome is now offering an ecological, entertaining and comfortable alternative to the ubiquitous car: bikes for rent at different venues in town.

To use one of the 200 bikes available you have to register at one of the tourist information kiosks (or PIT – Punti di Informazione Turistica) dotted around town, compile a simple form and leave a deposit. In return you’ll be given a magnetic swipe card (that can be topped up according to need) and a padlock – all you need to pedal around the city centre in total freedom!

Simply drop off the bike at one of the 271 bike stations when you’ve completed your journey.
The first half-hour rental is free of charge!


Location of bike stands
Via del Corso, 1 (piazza del Popolo)
Piazza Madonna di Loreto (piazza Venezia)
Piazza del Parlamento
Piazza Colonna
Piazza di Spagna
Largo delle Stimmate (Argentina)
Piazza delle Cinque Lune (piazza Navona)
Via Santa Caterina da Siena (Pantheon)
Piazza del Biscione (campo de’ Fiori)
Piazza San Silvestro
Piazza Sforza Cesarini
Via della Panetteria (via del Tritone)
Piazza Sant’Andrea della Valle
Vicolo della Campana (via della Scrofa)
Largo Arenula
Piazza dell’Oratorio
Via di Santa Maria in Via (Fontana di Trevi) Piazza dell’Oro
Via dei Pontefici

The best Ice Cream in Rome

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