Discover Michelangelo’s masterpieces in Rome

April 2nd, 2012 posted by admin

You don’t need to spend a lot a money to see the masterpieces left by famous artists like Michelangelo di Buonarroti. It is true though that in order to see the Sixtine Chapel you need to pay out €15, but believe us they are totally worth it, because the painting of the Final Judgement is impressive, not to mention all the artistic heritage inside the Vatican Museum. Nevertheless throughout the city there are many things that can be enjoyed for free:

Mosè sculpture
Inside the San Pietro in Vincoli Chruch. Via Cavour. Metro Cavour. Visiting hours: 7-12/15:30-18:00 hrs.
Christ that carries the cross
Santa Maria Sopra Minerva. Piazza della Minerva, closet to the Pantheon Visiting hours: 7-19:00 hrs.
• Piazza del Campidoglio
The artist designed the piazza and the stairs, near Piazza Venezia.
• San Pietro’s dome
Metro: Ottaviano, inside the basilica you’ll find it (at your right when you entry) the famous sculpture “La Pietà” (The Mercy). You can also go up to the highest part of the basilica. Visiting hours: 8-17 hrs. Hold your breath because there are many stairs, but the view is a priceless reward.
Don’t forget to include this spots in your itinerary when you come to the eternal City, as you can see Rome is affordable to any kind of pocket, is just a matter to find the right information!
Paulina Ceballos